Bee  a Bombshell

by Sandra Gray

"Bee A Bombshell" is a brand created from passion that brings back true grace, elegance, and a more sophisticated version of a woman’s sexiness.
I hope you find something you like. Each garment is hand crafted with love my me. Some things are one of a kind, some are many. Please enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

Bee A Bombshell

About Sandra


Please allow me to share my gift with you. I say gift because it sort of just happened, literally. I am a self-taught seamstress and designer. I was a teenage army brat living on base when my mom randomly won a sewing machine playing bingo. I had honestly never given a single thought to sewing. Little did I know that this machine would become a major part of my life. On her kitchen table, I started my life's journey as a seamstress and gained a true passion for the art of sewing.

I had my first paid client in high school. When I saw the true happiness on my client’s face from a little dress I made, well I was overwhelmed. Continuing my journey, my love for sewing and designing gave me the ability to transition from one form of fashion to another including: bridal, children’s clothing, doll clothes, crafts, and even costumes and menswear.

My ability to diversify led me to many different opportunities which include designing and sewing for: NFL cheerleaders, performance gear for some of the world’s most famous professional wrestlers, men and women of WCW, WWE, and most recently AEW. I was also a cast member of the hit E! reality show Total Divas known as "Miss Sandra" where you could find me in my environment, behind my little sewing machine.


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